Frequently Asked Questions

The best questions are the ones you ask.
Are you a fund?
We are currently syndicating all investments through platforms like AngelList and private SPV. This approach allows us to take smaller checks making deals more accessible and simultaneously empowers our community to invest responsibly. Learn more about the syndication process here.
Do you provide hands on design support?
From heuristic evaluations that lead to better UX, to establishing more robust design processes, we work with founders to demystify how design can impact the bottom line. In the cases where deeper support is needed, we connect folks to our trusted partners and experts.
What are the other ways you support companies in your portfolio?
Once we have a grasp on challenge areas, we tap into our community of disciplinary experts to provide counsel on engineering and product management, product discovery, recruitment support, technical challenges, monetization strategies and much more.
What are the benefits of being part of your limited partner community?
We’re still formalizing the incentive plan, but our goal is to build an equitable allyship with companies to enable a successful outcome. From potential advisory roles and consulting engagements, we hope to offer much more than access to investment opportunities.
Why should I invest with In/Visible Ventures?
We aim to make unique investment opportunities available for makers of all kinds. As simple as that. So as a limited partner, you get the chance to invest in a curated list of portfolio companies while gaining access to a community of industry leaders and thinkers. As a bonus, we also incentivize deal flow from our LPs. You must be an accredited investor to invest. Learn about the accreditation process at
What is the minimum check size to invest?
This is on a deal-by-deal basis. Our goal is to lower the barrier to investing by accepting smaller check sizes. Please note that there are fees associated with syndicating investments that are shared across the community. Learn more here
Still have questions?
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