Our Team

Brave and successful endeavors are rarely done alone, so our community is composed of a diverse team of designers, engineers, makers, artists, and thinkers who are passionate about investing in, collaborating with, and emboldening our peers.


Arianna Orland
Creative Director, UX and Advisor
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Dava Guthmiller
Chief Creative Officer at Noise 13
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Rick Johanson
UX Operations and Design Strategy at Google
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Friends of INVV

ADP List
Learn and grow with help from world-class mentors, or be the mentor you wish you had.
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Design Sensei
Design Sensei connects you with seasoned designers for expert design critiques and advising.
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Creative Factor
Rooted in the idea of creativity as a cultural force, these stories explore how and why people design.
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Forge Studio
Improving people's relationship with technology by partnering with companies to deliver simple, human experiences.
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